3D Fireworks Glasses for the 4th of July

Looking for a way to wow your customers and clients this Fourth of July holiday? The latest and greatest in 3D technology allows for your advertising campaign or promotional campaign to go off with a bang! Nothing says Fourth of July quite like a spectacular fireworks show on a warm summer night. This year, why not make the sky (and your marketing efforts) light up a little brighter?

Read on to learn how you can use 3D glasses to make this Fourth of July unforgettable!

While it may seem hard to believe that a fireworks show could be made even bolder, brighter, and bigger, it can. With specially treated 3D glasses, fireworks shows, and any lights for that matter, are made even more impressive than when viewed with the naked eye. Special 3D fireworks glasses made with holographic diffraction lenses greatly enhance any fireworks show, laser display, or holiday light show by breaking light into the spectrum so it appears as incredible rainbow bursts. These amazing 3D glasses turn any lights into shimmering rainbow colors and patterns.

If you’re wondering what 3D fireworks glasses can do for your business endeavors, read on!

Fireworks Show Sponsor Giveaway

Nothing draws a crowd quite like a fireworks display on a national holiday such as the Fourth of July. Talk about the ultimate advertising potential! Why not pass out 3D glasses in a patriotic pattern with your company logo and contact information? The crowds go crazy for 3D fireworks glasses making this the perfect opportunity to get your business or cause out there!

Holiday Direct Mail

3D glasses are the latest and greatest way to get your direct mail campaign noticed. Include 3D fireworks glasses in your next mailing for an easy way to interact and engage with your potential customers.

Local Fund Raising Through Charities and Service Groups

Planning an Independence Day themed fundraiser or charity event? 3D fireworks glasses are a great item to sell, especially for a good cause.
3D glass can also be used for the following:

• Coupon redemption and Co-Op advertising
• Newspaper inserts
• Patriotic in-pack or on-pack promotions
• Retail sale for fireworks distributors
• Educational and scientific applications
• Events or new product launches

Don’t miss out this Independence Day! Unleash the marketing and advertising potential with 3D fireworks glasses and anaglyph 3D glasses! This is an interactive yet inexpensive way to reach your potential clients and customers!

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