How 3D Glasses Technology Can Enhance Your Next Advertising Project

3D glasses are nothing new. In fact you probably had them when you were a kid. But the ways 3D glasses are being used have taken a whole new turn. Read on to learn how 3D glasses are now being used in promotions and other advertising projects.


For your next company promotion, unveil maximum advertising potential with decoder vision glasses and hidden message promotions. 3D decoder glasses and viewers with red lenses bring out the detective in everyone by revealing secret messages and words. Make your next promotion play hide-and-seek and activate your x-ray vision using decoder glasses to expose hidden messages in specially printed promotions or for hidden messages on websites. Decoder glasses and viewers fit neatly in an envelope, making them terrific for Internet sweepstakes, direct mail, promotional announcements, web site traffic builders, invitations, and grand openings! They are a highly effective, interactive tool to launch your next marketing campaign.

3D Direct Mail

GO POSTAL! That's right. The newest, hottest, and proven way to have your next direct mail campaign stand up, jump out, and get noticed is with interactive 3D direct mail. Three-dimensional direct mail accompanied by anaglyph 3D glasses will WOW your prospects with depth-defying images, or send them on a secret, interactive mission with decoder graphics. Drive your client to your website to engage them in immersive 3D images of your latest product or service. Watch the hits on your website multiply as you engage the recipient with a fun, interactive way to learn more about your product.

Live Events

Promote your next live event by offering special 3D effects that can only be seen with a pair of branded paper or plastic 3D glasses. Over 1.4 million 3D polarized glasses are manufactured per year for the Radio City Music Hall® "Rockettes Christmas Spectacular" which opens with a two-minute digital 3D movie. For eight years, 45°/135° polarized 3D glasses have been manufactured for the Lausanne, Switzerland Olympic Museum's 3D presentation of the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics. Two million glasses were manufactured for Coke Mexico's touring 3D show, "Rockola." More than 2,000,000 3D glasses have donned theater lovers’ faces for the revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber's roller skating Broadway spectacle "Starlight Express." And the British Museum of Art in London chose to design and manufacture 700,000 polarized 0°/90° glasses for the multi-media experience "The Mummy: The Inside Story in 3D." You can make your next live event a one-of-a-kind experience too, with a 3D movie, video, or show.

With everything going 3D these days, don't be left flat! Find out how you can take your advertising project to the next dimension with 3D glasses today.

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