Preparing for the 2024 Solar Eclipse in Missouri

Solar eclipses are seen when the moon is in between the Sun and the Earth, causing darkness on the Earth. The length of an eclipse differs from event to event. The April 8th, 2024, eclipse is expected to last four minutes and twenty-eight seconds. Regions in the path of the eclipse will experience total darkness during the event. 

Among the first cities in the United States to be in the path of totality are Texas, San Antonio, and Waco. The April 8th, 2024, total solar eclipse will be the last in Missouri until the year 2505. The eclipse expected on October 14th, 2023, is the warm-up event that will also be mind-blowing.

Experiencing the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse in Missouri

With the total solar eclipse in Missouri, scientists have an ideal chance to study the sun under favorable conditions that cannot be achieved during other periods. During the eclipse, the inner and middle parts of the corona can be seen under light due to the lunar shadow. Most scientists and skywatchers look forward to the 2024 solar eclipse due to the incredible sights of the ethereal corona, the collective awe, and the 360-degree sunset.

Missouri Cities to Visit for the Eclipse

Missouri will experience the solar eclipse in the region’s southern parts, while the rest of the state will only observe a partial eclipse. You can head to the Southeast area, which will be in the path of totality. The Southeast area of Missouri will experience four minutes of totality. 

The duration is longer than the total solar eclipse on 21 August 2017, which lasted two minutes and forty seconds. The 2024 eclipse will occur to the South of St. Louis before passing to Illinois and crossing over to Carbondale. Here is a list of other cities in Missouri where the total solar eclipse will pass:

  • Annapolis
  • Bell City
  • Cardwell
  • Summersville

What Can You See During a Total Solar Eclipse?

When the diameter of the moon is larger than that of the sun and blocks all sunlight causing darkness during the day, it’s referred to as a total solar eclipse. Totality occurs on the Earth’s narrow path. Total solar eclipses are spectacular to witness. The sun and moon usually line up once every eighteen months. Although the earth experiences 2-5 eclipses each year, they often do not cause a total eclipse.

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