American Paper Optics manufactured millions of ChromaDepth hand held viewer for the Wendy's "Sticker Your Story in 3D" Kids Meal. Learn More

Over 2,000,000 Eclipse Glasses were purchased (by groups like the Chilean Government) and distributed in South America for the 2019 Total Solar Eclipse. Learn More


16,000,000 "Minion" decoder pieces were made for Lunchables's "MIX IT UP" campaign (featuring characters from the Despicable Me franchise)

A record 3,000,000 individual Holiday Specs glasses were sold at retail in over 30,000 stores around the globe

650,000 "Bark Box" decoder pieces were manufactured to go along with their "Big Dog Box" campaign


Over 45,000,000 Safe Solar Eclipse glasses sold for promotions and at retail for the August 21st, 2017, Total Solar Eclipse

475,000 Special decoder prize cards for a promotion for monthly subscription box company "Bark Box"

100,000 custom printed HoloSpex glasses distributed for the release of the movie “The Man Who Invented Christmas”

5,000,000 of our eclipser glasses sold at Walmart and Lowes

1,000,000 eclipser glasses for Nasa for their outreach programs


2,000,000 Anaglyph hand-held viewers and glasses for restaurant chains Arby’s and Captain D’s

400,000 eclipser glasses for an optician for the total eclipse in the Reunion Islands

500,000 ChromaDepth glasses for Universal Studios Horror Nights in California and Orlando


1,500,000 Anaglyph 3D glasses for a kid’s menu for the Canadian restaurant chain Boston Pizza

250,000 ChromaDepth glasses for Quarto publishing for adult coloring books


6,000,000 Anaglyph custom shaped glasses “Rio” 3D for Kid’s Cuisine in-pack & online promo

750,000 Diffraction glasses were made for Katy Perry's U.S. Tour that was sponsored by CoverGirl

6,000,000 Anaglyph viewers for Chick-fil-A kid’s book Animal Discovery in 3D


6,000,000 Anaglyph hand-held viewers for a Chick-Fil-A kid’s meal 3D book

1,000,000 3D glasses for 2 Captain D’s kids meals promotion

300,000 Holiday Specs for a German Bookstore chain Learn More

300,000 polarized glasses for Perot Museum of Nature & Science


1,000,000 Custom Direct Mail diffraction birthday greetings for World Vision direct mail

1.1 million Anaglyph 3D glasses for Philadelphia Zoo’s Dr. Seuss themed “Trail of the Lorax” exhibit

800,000 Anaglyph glasses for McDonald’s in South America

660,000 Anaglyph glasses for Stephen Colbert's award winning book "America Again"

500,000 circular polarized paper glasses for Bavaria Filmstadt park for their theme park


6,000,000 Anaglyph glasses for a Black Friday promotion for the retail clothing chain, Old Navy

100,000 Anaglyph inserts were made for Taylor Swift's concert tour books

500,000 ChromaDepth inserts for Dover Publishing for 3D Color books for kids

500,000 ChromaDepth glasses for Crayola Glow boards toys

1,000,000 ChromaDepth glasses in 4 packs for sale with Hallmark Party supplies


Verizon - 4,500,000 ChromaDepth inserts for Verizon “Rule the Air” campaign

Rachel Ray Show - 2,400,000 Inserts in TV Guide for Rachel Ray’s TV Halloween Special

VVM - 2,000,000 ColorCode glasses for Belgium TV Broadcast

CBC - 2,000,000 ColorCode glasses for Canadian TV Broadcast

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners - 2,200,000 Anaglyph inserts for ESPN Magazine

Sony/Target - 14,000,000 Anaglyph glasses for the 52nd GRAMMY®s TV Broadcast


Warner Bros - 10,000,000 Anaglyph glasses for Final Destination 3D DVD/Blu-ray US and International, and Video OnDemand

Sainsbury/Channel 4 (UK) - 10,000,000 ColorCode 3-D™ glasses for TV Broadcast in the UK

Friendly’s Ice Cream - 4,000,000 Decoder glasses for Friendly’s Ice Cream

Paramount/DreamWorks - 16,000,000 TrioScopics glasses for Monsters vs. Aliens B.O.B’s Big Break 3D DVD/Blu-ray US and International

NBC Universal - 15,000,000 TrioScopics glasses for Coraline 3D DVD/Blu-ray US and International, and Video OnDemand

Disney - 4,000,000 Anaglyph glasses for Jonas Brothers 3D DVD/Blu-ray US and International, and Video OnDemand

Lionsgate - 12,000,000 TrioScopics glasses for My Bloody Valentine 3D DVD/Blu-ray US and International, and Video OnDemand

Time Inc. - 16,000,000 ColorCode 3-D™ inserts for Time, People, Fortune, SI, and Entertainment Weekly


Intel/Pepsi/DreamWorks - 134,000,000 ColorCode 3-D™ glasses for the 2009 Super Bowl commercials, movie trailer, and Chuck TV show on NBC

Glamour Magazine - 3,500,000 Anaglyph inserts for 3D fashion story in Glamour magazine

Sports Illustrated SI Kids - 1,200,000 Anaglyph inserts in SI Kids sponsored by Pepperidge Farms

Warner Bros. - 3,200,000 Anaglyph glasses for Polar Express 3D on DVD/Blu-ray (800,000 4-Packs Overwrapped)

Warner Bros. - 14,000,000 TrioScopics glasses for Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D DVD/Blu-ray US and International

Disney Channel/Buena Vista - 13,200,000 Anaglyph glasses for Hannah Montana 3D DVD/Blu-ray (3,400,000 4-Packs Overwrapped)

Disney Channel/Walmart - 25,000,000 Anaglyph Glasses for Hannah Montana 3D/TV Broadcast distributed by Walmart and 3,000,000 through TV Guide

Creata/McDonalds - 130,000,000 units of Holospex® film for Toys for McDonalds Happy Meal for Spiderwick movie


Post Fruity Pebbles - 2,000,000 Anaglyph glasses folded for in-pack promo

Disney*ABC - 5,000,000 Anaglyph glasses for Live with Regis and Kelly 3D Halloween Special

Cartoon Network - 4,600,000 Anaglyph glasses for Cartoon Network 3D shows

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition - 6,500,000 Anaglyph glasses for the February, 2007 edition in 3D


Volvo - 1,000,000 Anaglyph glasses for viewing website images (Folded and Overwrapped)


NBC/TV Guide for Medium - 7,200,000 Anaglyphic 3D inserts for TV Guide, 1,000,000 for CTV, and 2,000,000 for Sprint

VH1 TV Broadcast “I Love The 80’s" - 2,000,000 ChromaDepth® glasses for Broadcast TV

Dannon Yogurt Dannables - 12,000,000+ ChromaDepth® Labels (Film Sale) for on-pack promo

Mattel Barbie Pegasus 3D DVD - 16,000,000 Anaglyphic glasses for DVD (4,000,000 4-Packs)

National Geographic Kids Magazine US/Foreign - 1,900,000 3D ChromaDepth® inserts for kids magazine

SouthWest Airlines - 3,800,000 Anaglyphic 3D Birthday cards for Direct Mail

Nickelodeon Magazine in 3D - 1,300,000 Anaglyphic magazine inserts per year


Universal Studios DVD Santa vs. Snowman in 3D - 2,200,000 Anaglyphic glasses for DVD (550,000 4-Packs Overwrapped)

DreamWorks for Shrek 3D DVD - 20,000,000 Anaglyphic glasses for DVD (5,000,000 4-Packs Overwrapped)

Sonic Hamburgers Kid’s Meal - 1,000,000 Anaglyphic glasses for kid’s meal

Kellogg’s France 3D Cereal Box - 5,000,000 ChromaDepth® film for paper viewers for in-pack promo


Nestle Philippines - 5,000,000 HoloSpex® film for paper glasses

Burger King Kid's Meal Toy - 3,000,000 HoloSpex® film for plastic toy


Coke Mexico for Traveling Show - 2,400,000 Polarized glasses


Radio City Music Hall Rockette’s Christmas Spectacular in 3D - 6,000,000 Polarized glasses for Theatrical live performance

American Greetings Jimmy Neutron BirthDay Party - 3,200,000 ChromaDepth® glasses for party kit


Buick Rendezvous Online Promotion - 10,000,000 Decoder Cards for online Sweepstakes

Discovery Channel Shark Week in 3D - 6,400,000 Pulfrich glasses for TV promo


Disney MGM Studios Osborne Spectacle of Lights - 3,000,000 HoloSpex® glasses for premium at the gate of MGM Studios

National Geographic - 21,000,000 Anaglyphic inserts for 3D Mars & Titanic


Televisa (Mexico) - 20,000,000 Pulfrich glasses for TV promo


Land-O-Lakes Butter - 2,000,000 Diffraction glasses for in-pack promo


Freddie’s Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street - 22,000,000 Anaglyphic glasses for Theatrical release

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