The world’s largest manufacturer of paper 3D eyewear.

After manufacturing well over THREE BILLION paper 3D glasses in American Paper Optics’ twenty six year history, we know we can satisfy your every 3D need. American Paper Optics, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of 3D glasses and other 3D products is your one stop source for anything 3D (that includes Eclipse Glasses). An endless variety of frame styles, specialty optics, full color printing, and intricate die-cutting capabilities make it easy for you to achieve your 3D objectives.

Whether it is a regular stock order of our paper Anaglyph 3D glasses, 3D Decoders, or 3D Fireworks glasses delivered in lightning speed or a special order of custom printed 3D glasses including Eclipse glasses, Holographic glasses, and Polarized glasses, we know you will be pleased with our service, quality and competitive pricing. So, if you are ready for great 3D, American Paper Optics is the exclusive manufacturer of ChromaDepth® 3-D glasses, HoloSpex® holographic glasses, True-Vue 3D stereo viewers and much, much more. We are ready to deliver the hottest 3-D right to your door.

Our amazing 32 year optical journey at American Paper Optics has lead us to continue to search for new opportunities, create new 3D configurations, and push technologies to allow us to continue to serve this 3D world at its most exciting time. Our knowledge, experience, in-house manufacturing, distribution channels, and focus on customer service will continue to allow us to service all our clients both old and new as they look to push the depth of their advertising and marketing promotions. We are deeply committed to helping you as we strive to produce our 3rd billionth glass and beyond. Our goal is “3D for all and all for 3D”.

Check out the video below to see more about the “day to day” at American Paper Optics:


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As the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of 3D products, we are your one stop shop for anything 3D.

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