Preparing for the 2024 Solar Eclipse in Oklahoma

If you’re planning on viewing the total solar eclipse in 2024, Oklahoma offers some of the best spots. That’s because the moon will completely obstruct the sun for approximately four minutes in the state, which will cause darkness to fall during what would normally be daylight hours. This is not something that you can see during a partial or annular eclipse. 

The region where this occurs is called the “path of totality.” While the portion of the path of totality that passes through the state is small, it includes spots that will offer a qualitatively different experience than you can find elsewhere. That’s because the iconic Ozark Mountains can be found in the southeast region of the state! 

In addition, totality also passes through portions of the state that are exceptionally flat, making it easy to see celestial objects near the horizon. There are few artificial obstructions in these areas. Here are more reasons why you should choose Oklahoma for your eclipse viewing experience:

  • You’ll be able to view totality from some of the highest summits of the iconic Ozark Mountains. Due to the flat terrain surrounding the peaks, you’ll be able to view the eclipse in an area with almost nothing obstructing the horizon!
  • The region of Oklahoma where the eclipse can be seen is known for offering affordable prices on food and lodging! In fact, it will almost always be possible to find a comfortable hotel in the area for less than $100 a night. Book early to get the best rates!
  • The state of Oklahoma is located in America’s heartland, and the region’s farmland offers some of the best places in the world to see the eclipse.

Conditions Are Likely to Be Ideal

Due to the state’s location in the central American midwest, the region has a relatively dry climate. Also, the weather tends to be significantly cooler than elsewhere in Oklahoma, especially in the spring and summer. Daytime highs are usually between 5 and 10 degrees cooler in the higher elevations of the Ozarks compared to lower regions of the state. 

What Are the Best Oklahoma Cities to View the Eclipse?

While there aren’t any major cities located in the region of the state where the eclipse can be seen, there are several major cities located within a short drive of totality’s path. These are a few of the best regions to find lodging:

  • Oklahoma City: If you’re looking for lodging in the general region, Oklahoma City offers numerous options for hotels, bed & breakfast resorts, Airbnb rooms, and more! It’s located approximately two and a half hours away from the path of totality.
  • Tulsa: Tulsa is only around two hours away from the path of totality. You’ll be able to find affordable prices on hotel rooms, Airbnb properties, and other accommodations in the city.
  • Poteau: Poteau is the largest city that’s actually located within the path of totality, and it will be easy to find a place to stay at the local Holiday Inn, Prime Inn and Suites, or Sure Stay Plus for an affordable price.

What Can You See During a Total Solar Eclipse?

Viewing a total solar eclipse is truly an experience like no other. Not only can you view the sun’s corona, mass ejections, and solar flares, but you’ll even be able to see stars and planets in the daytime sky. This simply is not possible at any other time than during a total solar eclipse! 

Totality will occur around noon in the state. This means that the sun will be shining through a smaller portion of Earth’s atmosphere, which will make it easier to observe solar phenomena. You’ll also be able to see some of the winter’s most beautiful celestial objects during the summer, which is truly a unique experience! 

Why You Should Choose American Paper Optics

It’s essential to make sure that you have top-notch eye protection for the 2024 eclipse, and that’s because gazing at the sun without the proper protective glasses can cause severe damage to your vision. Luckily, this won’t happen if you use eye protection that offers 99.9% protection. That’s exactly what we offer for an affordable price. Check out our one-of-a-kind selection of eclipse glasses, and be prepared to witness a spectacular event.