Preparing for the 2024 Solar Eclipse in Stowe NJ

Residents of Stowe, Vermont, can witness a total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024. It’s an incredible event and one that many people are going to want to watch during the afternoon. American Paper Optics can help you do it safely with regards to your eyesight, thanks to its eclipse glasses. 

Can You See the Total Solar Eclipse in Stowe, VT?

Stowe visitors and residents may be able to see the total solar eclipse in Stowe, Vermont. Considering how infrequently it happens, it’s a must to take time to experience it. However, the weather on that day, such as cloud cover, will impact just how much of it you can see.

A total solar eclipse in Stowe won’t happen until the 22nd century, so residents will have to travel elsewhere in the world to experience it if they miss out on seeing it locally on April 8th. Partial solar eclipses are much more frequent in Stowe. For instance, there’s one on May 29, 2025, August 12, 2026, January 26, 2028 and January 14, 2029. 

What’s the Duration of the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse?

The 2024 total solar eclipse occurs over a significant amount of time in Stowe, Vermont, located at a latitude of 44.46533N and longitude of 72.68456W. Its total duration is 2 hours 23 minutes, while totality lasts only 2 minutes 49 seconds.

What Time Will the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse Happen?

A partial eclipse in Stowe, Vermont, starts at 2:14:57 p.m. (14:14:57) on April 8, 2024. Totality doesn’t begin until 3:26:57 p.m. (15:26:57). A little less than 2 minutes later when the maximum eclipse begins at 3:28:21 p.m. (15:28:21) is when the sun reaches expert level status at hide and seek. However, it doesn’t last for long. Totality ends a little more than a minute later at 3:29:46 p.m. (15:29:46). The partial eclipse ends in Stowe at 4:37:47 p.m. (16:37:47). 

Watching the Total Solar Eclipse in Stowe, Vermont

Just like you don’t want to put off getting your eclipse glasses, you also don’t want to wait if you need to make reservations to go to Stowe, Vermont, to watch the 2024 total solar eclipse. Many people have already booked hotels and made other reservations, and the closer it gets to this fantastic event, the more challenging it might be to get the types of reservations you desire.

Consider attending public viewings, such as in parks and other public green spaces throughout Stowe, which provide a view of the total solar eclipse among gorgeous Vermont scenery. Private viewings are another possibility. Check event pages on websites of businesses throughout Stowe to see which are hosting total solar eclipse viewing parties on April 8. If tickets are required, get them sooner rather than later before they have a chance to sell out.

What Should I Do When I Receive My Eclipse Glasses?

The team at American Paper Optics values the health and safety of all our customers. We recommend that you carefully look over your eclipse glasses as soon as you receive them in the mail and check for any type of damage, especially if the packaging itself got damaged in transit. 

For the eclipse glasses to properly work and protect your eyes, they must be intact and undamaged. This means no scratches, bends or rips to the lenses. Should you notice any issues, please immediately contact us. 

If your order is in pristine condition, put your eclipse glasses in a safe, secure location where they won’t get damaged, especially out of reach of pets and young children. This will allow you to safely enjoy the total solar eclipse without a risk to your eyesight. 

Get Your Eclipse Glasses Today From American Paper Optics

Many people won’t risk damaging their eyes to see the total solar eclipse in Stowe, Vermont, on April 8, 2024. This means they’ll stock up on eclipse glasses to ensure they safely experience the event and protect their eyes. Don’t wait until your favorite pairs of eclipse glasses are gone. Browse the American Paper Optics website today and make an individual purchase of your ideal pair, or buy them in bulk for all your favorite fellow watchers who will be accompanying you to view the event.