Preparing for the 2024 Solar Eclipse in Texas

In 2024, some parts of Texas will be prime viewing spots for a total solar eclipse when the moon will entirely block the sun. This will take place on April 8, 2024, when the solar eclipse will be visible across parts of 13 states. Texas will experience the most prolonged duration, whereas Maine will have the shortest time.

People in Texas will be the first to view the total solar eclipse as the sky will become dark for several minutes. They will also have the added advantage of viewing the sun’s corona.

Texas did not experience the previous solar eclipse in 2017 but will have a front-row seat for the upcoming total solar eclipse in 2024. The path of totality covers a massive area, and the eclipse will cross through three of the largest cities in Texas: namely, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin.

What Can Be Seen During a Total Solar Eclipse?

At the beginning of the eclipse, you’ll see the full sun. The next stage is first contact, when the shadow of the moon begins to “touch” the edge of the solar disk. As the moon’s shadow covers more of the sun, it becomes a partial eclipse. Second contact happens when the moon almost completely blocks the sun, right before totality. Finally, totality is when the sun is completely blocked except for the shining corona at the edges.

Third contact is what happens when the moon’s shadow begins to uncover the sun, and you might see the “diamond ring” as the corona disappears and the sun reemerges. A few minutes after this, the eclipse ends and sunlight is fully restored.

The Best Texas Cities to Visit for the Eclipse

Some of the cities in Texas in the path of totality include:

  • Del Rio
  • Eagle Pass
  • Brackettville
  • Carrizo Springs
  • Crystal City
  • Uvalde
  • Carta Valley
  • Concan
  • Leakey
  • Rocksprings
  • Bandera
  • Ingram
  • Kerrville
  • Comfort
  • Harper
  • Junction
  • Boerne
  • Fredericksburg
  • San Antonio
  • Mason
  • Llano
  • Marble Falls
  • Burnet
  • Brady
  • San Saba
  • Lampasas
  • Copperas Cove
  • Georgetown
  • Round Rock
  • Austin
  • Killeen
  • Pflugerville
  • Harker Heights
  • Gatesville
  • Temple
  • Woodway
  • Waco
  • Hillsboro
  • Stephenville
  • Granbury
  • Corsicana
  • Arlington
  • Fort Worth
  • Dallas
  • Irving
  • Fairfield
  • Garland
  • Plano
  • Athens
  • Canton
  • Greenville
  • Commerce
  • Mineola
  • Lindale
  • Sulphur Springs
  • Tyler
  • Paris
  • Pittsburg
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Gilmer
  • Clarksville
  • New Boston
  • Texarkana

Precise Time the Total Solar Eclipse Will Happen in Texas

At exactly 12:10 p.m., Texans will experience the eclipse. But the totality will begin at around 1:27 p.m. until 1:49 p.m. At 3:06 p.m., the solar eclipse will exit the state. In cities like San Antonio, Austin, and Fort Worth, totality will last around two minutes but four minutes in Dallas.

However, Texas’s most extended duration of totality will be at Eagle Pass, around the U.S.-Mexico border, where totality will last about 4 minutes and 26 seconds. The moon’s shadow will travel approximately 478 miles in about 17 minutes, 30 seconds at an average speed of 1,641 miles per hour from the Mexico-Texas border to the Texas-Oklahoma border.

The Best Place to View the Solar Eclipse in Texas

Clear skies have been predicted, making Texas the best place for eclipse viewing in 2024. Since the north or west side of the path of totality generally has a sunnier climate than the south or east, the Texas cities of Junction and Brady may offer the best eclipse viewing.

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