Robots that clean our houses. Holograms that pop out of our watches. Flying cars and jetpacks. All of these remind us how “the future” is often synonymous with science fiction. But technology has made incredible advances in recent years that have allowed us to turn fiction into fact. The world of 3D has stood at the forefront of many of these futuristic changes, with no sign of slowing down.

If you’ve been waiting for the futuristic 3D experiences you’ve always dreamed of, read on!

3D education

The more advanced we become, the more that education fields have an easier time gaining access to these technologies. 3D glasses and software have been integrated into many school curriculums which provide engaging and interactive learning environments that enrich children’s education.

3D marketing and medicine

You’ve likely heard of the exciting possibilities presented by 3D printers. Using tiny layers of plastic resin, plastic parts are being manufactured in a whole new way—objects are seemingly created out of thin air right before your eyes!

3D is also useful for medical specialists across many fields, enabling surgeons to interact with anatomical models or biologists to study cells.

3D entertainment

3D glasses have enjoyed a boom of popularity in movies and television. Millions of pairs of 3D glasses are distributed during exciting movie premieres, and will continue to charm audiences the world over on the silver screen.

3D is also entering a new frontier: the living room! HD televisions with 3D components are becoming popular on the market, and soon 3D glasses will be a staple part of movie nights in your own home.

What’s next for 3D?

As we continue to change and advance, 3D will continue to be the face of fun and education across the world. If you’ve been waiting for the future of 3D to arrive, the wait is over—the future is NOW!

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