Remember scuffling at breakfast over who got to read the back of the cereal box? Kid’s cereal and other food packaging usually features games and amusing pictures to make mealtime more enjoyable. But what you may not realize is that these images are just BEGGING to be turned into amazing 3D pictures! What better way to add to the fun than with 3D packaging options?

Fun with Food and 3D

If you’re looking to take your next product into the next dimension, 3D packaging is the way to do it! Our high-quality 3D glasses can easily be incorporated into product packaging to create entertaining 3D images that are sure to please customers of all ages. Breakfast will never be the same when you provide mealtime with endless 3D entertainment.

3D packaging for all occasions

But 3D packaging isn’t restricted to just cereal boxes: You can incorporate 3D glasses into just about anything you can think of! Fit foldable 3D glasses in tight areas such as compact disc or DVD and Blu-ray cases, or make them punchable for quick removal from juice box cartons or any other sort of on-pack promotion. Comic books, coloring books, and much more await the enhancement of 3D glasses.

Anything you can dream up, we want to help! Let us bring your 3D design to life and unlock the potential of 3D packaging!

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