As 3D becomes more accessible, more entertainment opportunities begin to present themselves to more mainstream audiences. Just look at TVs: Many TVs feature 3D capabilities that can be unlocked by the magic of 3D glasses. But as technology progresses, we want more from our devices! 3D games present the next level of 3D interactive entertainment—and they’re on their way here!

3D gaming on the rise

Some of us don’t want to just sit back with our 3D glasses and watch things happen—many of us want to live them! 3D video games get us out of our armchairs and into new worlds of interactive entertainment that reach beyond the normal boundaries of our 3D glasses.

As it stands, we’ve only seen several years’ worth of 3D games, with or without the use of 3D anaglyphic glasses. At the forefront of 3D gaming is Nvidia’s 3D vision platform, which allows gamers to test their luck against a number of different games through Nvidia’s revolutionary hardware. Just like our 3D glasses, Nvidia’s technology uses the tried-and-true color combination of red and cyan to deliver an eye-popping 3D gaming experience!

3D has always turned heads, but with 3D gaming opportunities on the rise, we’re sure to see some impressive displays in the days to come. As more and more companies begin to see why 3D offers the next level of entertainment, be sure to keep both eyes open for 3D games!

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