Preparing for the 2024 Solar Eclipse in Carbondale IL

Are you ready for the astronomical wonder that is coming in 2024? If you know anything about the solar eclipse, you already know you want to be in a location where you can experience it.

While the entire country will see a partial 2024 solar eclipse, if you want to see the totality of it, you need to be in the narrow path that will sweep from the Southwest to the Northeast of the United States including the entirety of southern Illinois.

Here is the good news: Carbondale, Illinois, is located directly in the 2024 total solar eclipse path. Remarkably, it was also in the path of totality for the last solar eclipse in 2017, so you have another chance to view this amazing event if you have missed it.

In 2017, the total solar eclipse was seen by approximately 20 million people, ranging from Oregon to South Carolina. We expect millions more will see the upcoming eclipse in 2024.

While total solar eclipses occur regularly, these events are typically only visible from the middle of the ocean or the Earth’s poles. As a result, they are rarely witnessed by people within the United States.

You should consider viewing this eclipse, as there will not be another one for 20 years.

Can You See the Solar Eclipse in Carbondale, Illinois?

It will be possible to see the 2024 total eclipse in Carbondale, Illinois. If you missed the eclipse in 2017, then Carbondale, Illinois, will be the perfect place to see this amazing event.

During the eclipse, the sky completely darkens, just like at night (but it will be in the middle of the day). This will occur because the moon will block direct sunlight from reaching Earth. When this happens, the atmosphere of the sun, called the solar corona, will be revealed. When the moon is not yet fully covering the sun, a crescent shape that can last for 70 to 80 minutes is visible. Baily’s beads, which are small rays of light from the sun peeking through the moon’s edge, can be seen when the eclipse gets close to totality.

The event is truly awe-inspiring. Those who have never experienced a total eclipse before are often speechless, and some even become emotional. During the event, the air will cool quickly, planets will become visible and you will see a 360-degree sunset. All this is thanks to the shadow of the moon blocking the sun’s light.

What Time Will the 2024 Eclipse Happen?

In Carbondale, Illinois, the eclipse will begin on April 8, 2024, at 1:59 p.m. CDT. Since Carbondale is located at the centerline of the path of totality, those in this area will get to enjoy 4 minutes, 9 seconds of the full eclipse. This is almost twice the time Carbondale experienced the eclipse’s totality in 2017.

Once the totality stops, you can still view different stages of the eclipse, but most people are especially interested in the effects of the totality.

How Long Will the 2024 Solar Eclipse Last?

In Carbondale, the totality of the 2024 solar eclipse will last 4 minutes, 9 seconds. However, the whole eclipse, including the partial eclipses before and after the full eclipse, will have a duration of 2 hours, 35 minutes.

As the path moves across the country, the eclipse will begin in Texas at 1:27 p.m. CDT and is expected to end in Maine by 3:35 p.m. EDT. This means the eclipse can be viewed for several hours at different locations across the country.

The period of totality ends when the moon starts to uncover the sun. The eclipse will then move through partial phases for several hours until the sun is completely uncovered. It is an amazing event you should observe as much as you can.

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