Preparing for the 2024 Solar Eclipse in Dripping

Mark your calendar for a front-row seat to the year’s most spectacular phenomena. Dripping Springs, TX, is on the path of the total solar eclipse as the moon’s shadow makes its way from Mazatlan, Mexico, to Newfoundland, Canada. The last total solar eclipse in North America occurred in 2017.

You can safely look directly at the eclipse when the moon briefly covers the sun; however, it’s crucial to wear ISO-approved protective eyewear to prevent retinal damage during the majority of the eclipse. Properly constructed eclipse glasses provide the necessary filters to block out 100% of the sun’s ultraviolet and infrared rays and 99% of its intense visible light. Our ISO-approved and CE-certified line of eclipse glasses delivers clear vision while protecting your eyes.

Can You See the Total Solar Eclipse in Dripping Springs, TX?

Dripping Springs, TX, is on the total solar eclipse track. You’ll witness the moon casting a shadow over the sun’s rays as it completes its path between the earth and sun, illuminating a small crescent of light. As your gaze turns toward the horizon, a full-scale sunset occurs when the sun’s rays create a reddish glow against the darkened sky.

What Time Will the 2024 Eclipse Happen?

The Dripping Springs, TX, Eclipse 2024 begins with the partial eclipse at 12:16 p.m. CDT. Totality starts at 1:34 p.m. and lasts for 3 minutes. The process ends after another partial eclipse at 2:57 p.m. 

It’s exciting to be one of the few to witness this once-in-a-lifetime spectacle; however, it’s also important to maintain proper safety procedures by protecting your eyes. Although sunglasses offer UV protection, they don’t contain the same filtering depth as specifically designed eclipse glasses. Consequently, sunglasses can’t adequately protect your retinas when you look directly into the sun’s rays.

ISO-approved and CE-certified eclipse glasses, such as our Eclipsers, protect your eyes as you gaze upon the celestial light show. While eclipse glasses protect your eyes when looking directly at the sun, they’re unsafe to wear when observing the light through a telescope, binoculars or a camera lens.

What’s the Duration of the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse?

Traveling at speeds greater than 1,500 mph, the eclipse 2024 in Dripping Springs, TX, lasts a total of 2 hours and 41 minutes, with totality accounting for 3 minutes. You’ll notice periods of distinct change during the total solar eclipse cycle.

Partial Eclipse

As the moon begins its path between the sun and earth, it enters the partial eclipse stage. Not yet completely covered by the moon, the sun appears as an illuminated crescent shape. It’s critical to protect your eyes with the appropriate eyewear at this time.

Shadow Bands

The earth’s upper atmosphere distorts the sun’s surface appearance, creating a rapidly moving succession of alternating light and dark wavy lines. The shadow bands stage usually lasts a couple of minutes.

Baily’s Beads

Cascading horizontally across the moon’s landscape, the sun’s light rays create points of light that shine around the moon’s edge. Baily’s beads are visible for approximately 1-2 minutes.

Diamond Ring

A single, brilliantly lit edge appears along the moon’s perimeter as Baily’s beads disappear just before totality. True to its name, the sun’s atmosphere creates the impression of a diamond ring. Although the diamond ring stage only lasts a second or 2, it’s important that you continue to wear your glasses.


Only the sun’s corona, or the outermost portion of its atmosphere, is visible as the moon completely covers the sun’s surface during the totality of the eclipse. You may momentarily remove the protective lenses during this period. 

Your surroundings grow eerily quiet, and the temperature drops during totality. You might notice birds stop singing and individuals exhibit visible signs of overwhelming emotion. Totality’s final performance could include a panoramic sunset along the horizon, accentuated by brilliantly illuminated stars and planets.

Brightening Reappearance

Restore protective eye covering before the sun begins to reappear as the moon moves away, continuing on its path to Newfoundland.

Diamond Ring, Baily’s Beads and Shadow Bands Return

The sun gradually becomes more visible as the moon passes through the diamond ring, Baily’s beads and shadow band phases, mirroring the beginning stages of the 2024 total solar eclipse in Dripping Springs, TX. The general surroundings return to pre-eclipse activity, and wildlife becomes vocal again. Don’t be surprised if this powerful experience leaves you feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

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