Preparing for the 2024 Solar Eclipse in Rochester NY

Safety is a top priority when watching the solar eclipse. Until the moon completely blocks off the sun, it’s not safe to see the eclipse without wearing the right glasses. 3DMarket sells CE-certified and ISO 12312-2 compliant glasses, ensuring your eyes are protected. You can purchase our glasses in bulk to get the best value for your money.

Rochester NY Eclipse 2024

The eclipse on April 8, 2024, will begin in the South Pacific Ocean and cross North America, then Mexico, the US and Canada. You can’t view the eclipse by using a telescope, binoculars or glasses without the right solar filter installed as it’s going to cause a serious eye injury. Look for certified solar viewing glasses to witness the different phases of the solar eclipse, and remove the device only when the sun is no longer visible. In Rochester, NY, the solar eclipse will last 3 minutes and 38 seconds. 

Can You See the Lunar Eclipse in Rochester, NY?

The penumbral lunar eclipse will be visible in Rochester, NY on March 25, 2024, while the partial lunar eclipse is visible on September 17 and September 18, 2024. The total lunar eclipse in Rochester will be on March 13 and 14, 2025. Expect to see the penumbral lunar eclipse at 00:53 EDT, ending at 05:32 EDT. The partial lunar eclipse will be at 20:41 EDT and will end at 00:47 EDT, while the total lunar eclipse will begin at 23:57 EDT and end at 06:00 EDT.

What Time Will the 2024 Solar Eclipse Happen?

The eclipse will begin at 14:10 EDT and the moon will completely cover the sun at 15:25 EDT. This should last 3 minutes and 38 seconds. Never remove your glasses unless the sun is completely covered. The total eclipse should end at 16:33 EDT.

During a total solar eclipse — this is when the moon’s shadow completely blocks off the sun — the sky will darken for about 3 minutes and 38 seconds in Rochester, New York. It’ll seem like it’s dusk or dawn during a total solar eclipse. It’s safe to briefly remove your glasses to witness the total solar eclipse. During a clear sky and as long as you’re wearing the right glasses, you should have a clear view of the moon and sun. Be in Rochester, NY or other eclipse locations to have a full eclipse experience. Otherwise, you may only see a partial total eclipse; this is when the moon partially covers the sun, not completely. If you want to see all stages of the eclipse, make sure you wear the right eclipse glasses to prevent damage to your eyes.

What’s the Duration of the 2024 Solar Eclipse?

The entire duration of the solar eclipse in Rochester is 73 minutes, while the total solar eclipse will last about 3 minutes and 38 seconds. It’s important to determine when the totality ends so you can wear your glasses again to protect your eyes from the sun. 

An eclipse’s first stage is called the partial eclipse, where the moon partly covers the sun. This should last about 70 to 80 minutes. You may see Shadow Bands, which are dark bands seen on the ground or on the side of buildings, or Baily’s Beads, which are light rays from the sun. The last bright spot you’ll see will resemble a huge diamond ring, and this is the last stage before the total solar eclipse. Remove your glasses and try to observe the darkened surroundings. You may see a 360-degree sunset during the total solar eclipse. After 3 minutes, put the glasses back on to witness the final stages of the eclipse. 

Don’t miss the total solar eclipse experience in Rochester, NY. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until 2044 to see a total solar eclipse in the U.S. You can also see the 2024 total solar eclipse in other cities in New York, including Syracuse and Buffalo. 

Get Your Eclipse Glasses Early

Are you planning to see the total solar eclipse?  We recommend buying glasses as early as today to ensure they don’t sell out. If you’re only visiting Rochester to see the eclipse, plan your vacation ahead and ensure you’re in Rochester the day before the eclipse to avoid missing it. We sell eclipse glasses available in different designs and colors. Contact us today if you have questions.