For close to 30 years, our commitment to quality and technology has played an important role in establishing our legacy of authenticity. Since the start, American Paper Optics, LLC has offered technologically advanced lenses for all of your 3D needs and we continue to strive for optical excellence in everything 3D that we do. Read more about some of the amazing places we have gone with our 3D products!

February 19, 2007

Although not many companies easily recognize American Paper Optics, they do recognize its product, like the one incorporated into Sports Illustrated (SI) Magazine’s wildly anticipated swimsuit edition which features a 15-page section of swimsuit models. American Paper Optics helped the publication deliver the Maui photo session in vivid eye-popping 3D. SI chose to enhance the […]

September 12, 2005

Bartlett , Tenn. , September 19, 2005: American Paper Optics has cornered the 3D marketplace by capturing multi-million piece orders from many high profile customers. John Jerit, a start-from-scratch 3D glasses manufacturer, has seemingly caught the brass ring with mega-clients Mattel, Warner Brothers, TV Guide, and VH-1 to name a few. With nearly 28 million […]

January 1, 2003

Bartlett , TN, January 2003 – After an eight year history of manufacturing ChromaDepth® 3-D Glasses, American Paper Optics, Inc., of Bartlett, TN, has acquired the technology and assets of Chromatek Inc. Effective October 15, 2002, American Paper Optics is the owner of the exclusive license for the ChromaDepth® technology as well as the manufacturing […]

April 15, 2002

Bartlett , Tenn. , April 15, 2002: American Paper Optics announces a donation of funds resulting from sales of “American Eyes,” a product launched in the wake of the catastrophic events of Sept. 11 th. John Jerit, creator of the patriotic paper 3D eyeglasses, developed the line in October 2001 to help families of the […]

October 4, 2001

Bartlett , Tenn. , October 4, 2001: American Paper Optics introduces “American Eyes,” patriotic paper eyeglasses with a portion of the proceeds from the product to benefit the families of the Sept. 11 th tragedies. “American Eyes” glasses create the letters “ USA” on any bright point of light and are activated while viewing city […]

June 20, 2001

Bartlett , Tenn. – What happens when a golf-pro and a 3D aficionado develop an online relationship with a sport utility vehicle? This summer, an innovative Internet sweepstakes promotion will reveal why consumers may “see red” the next time they look at an SUV. Advertising heavyweight, Momentum of St. Louis, Mo., created a web marketing […]

August 11, 2000

BARTLETT , TN , Aug. 11, 2000 – American Paper Optics, Inc. recently produced over six million 3D glasses for the 13 th annual Shark Week episode premiering on Discovery Channel on Sun., Aug. 13. The 3D eyeglasses, manufactured with the Pulfrich (dark and clear) 3D lenses technology, have a special lens color combination system […]

January 12, 2000

BARTLETT , TN, January 12, 2000 – American Paper Optics, Inc. announces the recent purchase of fellow 3D eyeglasses manufacturer, DayShades USA. The Denver-based manufacturer known for its signature Tropical Palm Tree Sunglasses, has produced and distributed more than 70 million paper eyeglasses and sunglasses worldwide. Craig Jones, former owner of DayShades, currently heads the […]

October 28, 1999

BARTLETT , TN , October 28, 1999 – American Paper Optics, Inc. announces the selection of owner, John Jerit, as one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s up-and-coming young millionaires. With a nationwide circulation of five hundred thousand, the small business magazine ranked Jerit among the nation’s rising entrepreneurial stars with sales exceeding five million dollars last year. […]

July 20, 1999

MEMPHIS , TN , July 20, 1999 – American Paper Optics announces the introduction of MILLENIUM SPECS, the latest 3D paper glasses product into the retail arena. Millennium Specs 3D Glasses are activated while the wearer is viewing city lights, fireworks, streetlights, or holiday lights—especially at night. The patented holographic lenses displays the year “2000” […]

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