3D America: Celebrate Freedom This Year with Fireworks Glasses

Only a few months remain until this year’s July Fourth celebrations! If you’re wondering how you can add to the festivities, consider our special fireworks glasses for some extra explosive flavor! Pack them up along with the hot dogs and soda and you can watch the fireworks in style!

Light up the night

Users wearing our special fireworks glasses will see the holiday display burst like never before. Each of these special 3D glasses comes with a rainbow prismatic effect that intensifies each firework burst for an experience that’s revolutionary! Fireworks glasses bring the light show up close and immerse wearers in the luminous majesty of America’s most significant national holiday.

Patriotic promotions

Fireworks glasses are all you need to enhance your Independence Day event. Fireworks glasses are just perfect for charity events, fundraising, as well as in-pack promotions and holiday direct mail. You can design your fireworks glasses with a variety of patriotic designs that are guaranteed to please.

Fireworks glasses are fun year round

While fireworks glasses are great for the upcoming holiday, these 3D glasses are great year round. Any type of light instantly explodes into shimmering rainbow colors and patterns. Our fireworks glasses come in other styles too—from striking neon green to a fun rainbow spectrum pattern.

Don’t miss out on enhancing your July Fourth celebrations this year—wear fireworks glasses for a 3D America!

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