A solar eclipse is an awesome phenomenon that occurs when the Moon blocks the Sun from view. A solar eclipse only happens a couple times every year, and with an event that rare you’ll want to be properly prepared when they occur.

There are several different kinds of solar eclipses, with varying degrees of visibility. The Moon only partially obscures the Sun in a partial eclipse, looking like someone’s carved a chunk out of the Sun. An annular eclipse is even more impressive: it appears as a fiery ring surrounding a dark disk. You definitely don’t want to miss these!

But even when darkened by the Moon, looking directly at the Sun can be dangerous for your eyes. That’s where eclipse glasses come in handy.

Eclipser eclipse glasses by American Paper Optics are just the thing for all your safe solar-viewing events. Using double-aluminized Solar Skreen technology, these eclipse glasses filter 99.999% of the Sun’s ultraviolet and infrared rays. With Eclipsers, you can watch with confidence that your family is safe while you experience an exciting and memorable solar eclipse. American Paper Optics wants to ensure your solar-viewing event is fun and safe, and our Eclipser solar-viewing eclipse glasses can get the job done!

Mark your calendars! An annular solar eclipse takes place on April 29th, and a partial solar eclipse occurs on October 23rd. American Paper Optics hopes you’re now well-prepared to watch these exciting astronomical events!
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