X-ray vision has existed in the realm of science fiction, provoking exciting thought and ideas. While the idea of seeing through solid objects has long captured our imaginations, the question remains: Is there really such a thing as x-ray glasses?

A brief history of x-ray glasses
X-ray glasses were first patented under the name “X-Ray Specs” by Fred J. Wiedenbeck in 1909. These x-ray glasses gained popularity advertised on the back of comic books, promising users to “See the bones in your hand, see through clothes!” However, while they were thought to magically grant glasses with xray vision, this was actually an optical illusion!

X-rays themselves, discovered in 1895 by German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen, are not actually used in x-ray glasses. While they’ve been a source of great fun and harmless mischief, x-ray glasses have never caught on with a practical use like 3D glasses have. Even so, x-ray glasses exist as a fun novelty item to this day.

X-ray vision in popular culture
While x-ray glasses don’t truly use x-rays, they still ignite our imaginations. X-ray glasses are just as widespread as 3D glasses in popular culture, but in theory more than in practice. One of x-ray vision’s most notable uses is in the immensely popular DC Comic superhero Superman, whose x-ray vision allows him to see through walls to know where the bad guys are.

X-ray vision is also a popular element in science fiction films. First seen in the 1963 film, X, the film used stunning visual effects to wow audiences with its protagonist’s x-ray abilities!

Current use of “see-through” technology
Seeing through solid objects isn’t just science fiction. Military and police organizations use thermal imaging goggles to see through certain materials at night. Real x-rays are used today in the medical field, allowing doctors and dentists to diagnose and treat a number of issues, as wells as in certain devices in airport security which can detect objects through clothing.

While true x-ray glasses don’t exist yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience all sorts of fun optical illusions with the fun glasses currently available at 3D Glasses Online – and that’s a fact!
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