With so much vying for people’s attention these days, it can be hard to make your promotion stand out. So why not engage your audience instead? With 3D Decoder glasses and viewers, everyone can be part of the fun!

3D Decoders allow for more interactive print and online advertising. By using the red decoder lenses to uncover specially printed hidden messages, your audience will be convinced they’re using xray vision glasses! It’s one thing to see an ad in a magazine or a website – it’s another entirely if they discover it for themselves! 3D decoders open up a world of fun possibilities by engaging your audience and allowing them to experience the thrill of a treasure hunt.

They’re also a great way to launch your next 3D marketing campaign. Thin enough to insert into an envelope, they offer an enjoyable alternative to more mundane direct mail promotions. They can also be specially designed to look like magnifying glasses, lenses, and other fun shapes! 3D decoders let you get as creative as you like.

Great for internet sweepstakes and prize giveaways, you will love the potential offered by 3D Decoders and viewers. Don’t overwhelm your audience with ads – make it a game, and let their curiosity guide them as they scan the page for the next clue!

For examples of how 3D decoders can work for you, check out the 3D decoders we offer!

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